Leadership Development – Fundamental Skills Underpin Superior Performance

How good are you at leading and managing others? What are the factors that determine competence and success in this area? What sets you apart? Why do you succeed where others fail?

These can often be difficult questions to answer because we just ‘do it’ or we’re more ‘motivated’. Ultimately, all managers and leaders succeed, that’s their job. Some succeed more effectively than others.

In golf everyone succeeds. Eventually the ball ends up in the hole. How the ball got there and in how many strokes is another story! The golfer’s goal is clear, as is the manager’s, although this is sometimes (often?) not the case. So, what influences how you get there?

When a golfer sets up to hit the ball, the trained eye can predict the direction and flight of the ball. The golfer is focused on the target, yet the way they have set up can give them little or no chance of executing a good shot. The same can be said for a leader. The way they will achieve results is also predictable. They are focused on the objective, know what has to be done, yet their decision-making, their quality of communication, the way they influence others, their capacity to motivate will severely hamper strong progress.

What is the common denominator unifying success in any discipline in life whether it be business, golf or some other pursuit?

It is fundamental skills that underpin superior performance. If you can’t catch, you lose. If you can’t pass, you lose. If you can’t hold a golf club correctly, you lose (unless their grip is worse!). If the fundamentals of leading and managing people are not present, you lose. geotechnical engineer denver

We need to have a firm grasp of the factors that will influence the quality and effectiveness of our results. Without this understanding, without the competences developed, practiced and honed, we will be struggling even before we begin.

Of course, in business, one person acting and communicating strongly on their own is not enough. The whole organization needs to adopt, and become adept at, the fundamental skills for business success. If you were to pick one area to quickly help you see what the business ‘handicap’ is, consider the meeting culture within your organization. How proud are you of the way they run?

Fundamental skills underpin superior performance for better business better golf, better life.

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James Donnelly is the CEO and founder of Better Business Better Golf. He has 18 years experience of working with and developing senior executives around the world including the US, Europe and Australasia. He has worked with companies across the spectrum of industry, including Microsoft, HSBC and Schlumberger.

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