Samsung a03s A Mobile Device Like No Other


Samsung a03s is one of many versions of the well-received Samsung Smartphone. It is a basic cell phone with the AT&T logo on it. Samsung is a big name when it comes to cell phones and this model comes from one of their major brands. This is one of the first models to be released with the Windows Mobile platform. In this article you will learn how to buy Samsung a03s for dirt cheap.

Samsung has two major competitors when it comes to smartphones the iPhone and the Android manufacturers. These two giants offer up very similar devices, however with very different purposes. Apple uses its mobile device to browse the internet and perform basic tasks, while Android uses its operating system to allow running other applications. The iPhone has the better display resolution and the bigger battery, however it does not have as many features as the larger Samsung Galaxy S. Plus it does not have as many apps. If you are looking for a phone with many features, the Samsung Galaxy S is the way to go. samsung a03s

The Samsung a03s has similar features as many other Smartphones in the market today such as GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, camera, video and the premium SMS and Email applications. It comes with a standard oval, screen that is covered with a Gorilla Glass material for ultimate shock protection. The phone comes with a full QWERTY keyboard and a five-point – capacitive menu bar. This handset is easy to use and there is no software installation required. The only thing required of you to get this handset set up is to connect your Samsung wireless network and download the Samsung gps app from the play store for free.

The exterior of this handset is covered with a tough-jak Samsung galaxy a03s carbon fiber case that gives the device some extra protection. This soft, smooth and light cover protects the Samsung a03s screen from scratch damage. The screen protector has textured surface for added grip and has two slots for removable cards. The outer body is textured in all the right places and has no obvious cutout which means the user will not be able to spot any hardware problems even when the device is being used.

The inside of this smartphone is where you will find a powerhouse of power. The Samsung a03s has 2GB of RAM, which makes it perfect for downloading and streaming high definition videos. It comes with a large, high capacity internal memory which will allow you to store more movies than you ever did before. The built in accelerometer, motion sensor and camera gives this smartphone a whole new sense of mobility, as if it was an extension of your arm. With this large screen, you will not have to take your eye off the road to check your email or text your friends. Not only does the internal storage allow you to store a huge amount of content, it also provides users with the space they need to store media like photos, songs and games.

To take better pictures, the Samsung a03s features a camera that is both compact and flexible. With both a standard and digital shutter and an optical zoom feature, taking great pictures is easy. The 2MP camera setup on this smartphone means that users can easily snap images of moving objects like their kids without the need to use a professional camera. The built in image stabilization system ensures that your pictures come out clear and are not shaky even when you are using a professional camera. The LED flash that is built into the Samsung Galaxy S helps to brighten up the pictures you shoot, so you no longer need to rely on external flash for brightening up your photos. To conclude our review on the Samsung a03s, it would appear that it offers the same performance as many top smartphones but adds a few features here and there to make its usability even greater.

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